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Genius Autopilot Stock Trading via APIs

With many providers offering trading and API access for investing, it isn’t quite something more and more people consider. One thing is for sure… someone should not take it on without further research beforehand. While manual trading keeps everything under your control, trading with APIs requires a lot of trust in the provider of the stock data API and the trading system. We will show you how to put your stock trading on autopilot with APIs but also warn you of the dangers.

How to get started w

How Data Can Help You be a More Effective Stock Investor

Understanding how the economy works is crucial whether you are a novice or a seasoned investor.

When monitoring economic data, there are a few indicators that you should focus on. The most important economic indicators include releases on the labor market in terms of the non-farm payrolls ("NFP's") report, the gross domestic product (GDP) and consumer price index (CPI) releases, as well as central bank meetings with interest rate decisions (FOMC).

Tracking these key metrics will typically move

Analysing the impact of high inflation on the cost of living

It is impossible to pick up a newspaper these days without reading about the cost of living crisis and skyrocketing inflation. In this article, we will dissect the inflation data and look at how problematic inflation really is.

Who is most affected by inflation?

Inflation isn’t fair, and that’s why it’s as much a political issue as it is a central bank issue.

The current inflationary wave we are experiencing disproportionately affects low-income households because it is a wave of cost-push in

How an impending recession is impacting consumer spending in 2023

Despite many public reports in wake of the cost-of-living crisis, the UK has in fact managed to avoid a recession so far. Back in November, the Bank of England has stated that “it expects the coming recession in the UK to be the longest since records began in the 1920”.

However, as per the latest releases the UK economy, where the consumer has been unexpectedly strong during the worst cost-of-living squeeze in recent history, with GDP unexpectedly rising 0.1% in November as reported by Bloomber
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