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I am Gustav Christopher, a writer specialising in finance, tech, and sustainability. For more than 15 years, I worked in banking, trading and as a FinTech entrepreneur.

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I hold a master's degree in finance. I also hold the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation and additional course certificates from Oxford (FinTech) and Cambridge (Sustainability).
I work on a per-word rate for smaller projects ranging from 20 - 30 cents/word or on a daily/hourly rate (minimum 10hrs/week at $450 per 8hr day);
I am an advocate for animal rights and veganism. In addition, I enjoy philosophy, chess, running, and tennis.

Client Work

A selection of my work for clients, both ongoing and previous work (includes ghostwriting). Filter by Topic. 

What Is Short Interest and What Does it Tell You?

Short sellers believe that the price of the security will fall, and they aim to profit by selling the security now and buying it back at a lower price in the future. In order to benefit from their conviction, they borrow the security from somebody else, sell the borrowed stock 'short' in the hope of buying it back at a lower price so that they can return it to the person they borrowed it from, and pocket the difference.

How to read the CoT report and gauge investor sentiment

The CoT report is a weekly report released by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission that breaks down the open interest for each major futures market. When trying to analyse bullish vs bearish sentiment in commodity markets, traders like to look at the CoT (commitments of traders) to get a feel for overall investor sentiment We are looking at the history of this indicator and how it can help investors gauge market sentiment.

The Fear and Greed Index and trader sentiment

Many different market sentiment indicators have been developed over time to gauge bullish and bearish sentiment accurately. However, one indicator, the so-called 'Fear & Greed' indicator, is consistently quoted by social media influencers and investment media when market sentiment is questioned. We will shed some light on this indicator and conclude whether it is an accurate tool for measuring bullish and bearish market sentiment.

European Energy Monitor - EU Electricity Production

The motivation for creating an EU Electricity monitor page is a curiosity to understand better the dynamics in European Energy markets which unfolded in 2022. What story does the data tell for the reasons behind high electricity prices and low power generation? What is broadly known is that Russia’s war in Ukraine and the cut-off of gas supplies to Europe have dramatically impacted gas prices and electricity prices. The reason for this is that gas is used for the supply of marginal baseload ele

What Are Carbon Credits And How To Trade Them

A carbon credit, in a broad sense, is a permit allowing a business holding the credit to emit (and offset) greenhouse gases or carbon dioxide. Whether this is a legal obligation for the relevant business or voluntary depends on the jurisdiction and legal carbon emission caps defined for businesses. One credit is equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide generated or a mass equivalent to the greenhouse effect of other greenhouse gases. Companies can typically access as many credits as they need in

What is Your Carbon Footprint and How to Reduce It

Over the past few decades, the rapid acceleration of climate change has endangered people’s livelihoods. In addition, from a business perspective, it emerged as a critical challenge for many industries. Businesses might not be able to survive unless they understand their carbon footprint and how to reduce it. This intensification of climate change is caused by people’s carbon footprint and the unchecked release of other greenhouse gases such as methane into the atmosphere. Apart from Carbon di

What Is A Social Trading Network?

A social trading network is an online trading platform where traders can buy or trade shares of companies, commodities, or exchange-traded funds and interact with each other. The idea behind the social trading platform is that it allows traders to connect with other investors and exchange their views. Once they enter the trading community, they can discuss their investment strategy, trading experience, and the latest trends in the financial markets. Most of these social networks offer auto-tradi
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About Me

My writing is clear, concise, thoroughly researched, and based on sound principles. I have a deep understanding of finance and markets and know how to communicate complex ideas in a way that is easy to understand.

I am a reliable professional with a good work ethic, delivering on time and requiring minimal supervision.

My Services

I work on a per-word rate for smaller projects and in packages including Content Strategy for larger projects. My rates depend on the complexity of the content, SEO writing at the lower end, thought leadership and research work at the upper end.

My writing process is managed very efficiently via Google suite, including automated approval emails when the content is ready for publication.

If you’re looking for an experienced, trustworthy person to take care of your content, I’d love to hear a little bit more about what you’re looking for and look forward to chatting further.

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